Oxley Vale Public School

A caring and innovative education environment.

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About our school

Students at Oxley Vale enjoy a happy, safe and stimulating environment. They develop the values, skills and knowledge to thrive in and transform their world.

Flexible school structures enable the delivery of challenging curricula. Students apply their learning in meaningful situations.

We expect each student to become literate and numerate and to acquire creative problem-solving skills. Each should also become socially competent and confident and able to form strong relationships. Substantial involvement and direct teaching assistance by parents supports the learning process at Oxley Vale.

Our effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes for students is much enhanced by the input of so many parents. Both teachers and parents adopt a collaborative approach towards our common goal of producing effective, caring Australian citizens.

School history

A school was first established on a site on the opposite side of Manilla Road in 1947, known officially as Manilla Road Camp School. It consisted of Infants' classes only and the buildings used were those vacated by the army after the end of the World War II. Although officially known as the Manilla Road Camp School, locals referred to it as Woolomol after a property of the same name on which the school was situated and owned by the Dowe family.

In 1954 a primary department was added and Mr Cec Love was appointed Principal. The school also had a change of name, from Manilla Road Camp School to Manilla Road School. The locals however, still preferred to call it Woolomol.

In 1956 a new school was built on the present site and was officially opened by the then Governor of New South Wales, Sir Leslie Woodward. Mr Love was still the Principal and the school had yet another name, this time Oxley Vale Public School, which the local residents accepted.

The School was later closed because of falling enrolments. The building was transferred to South Tamworth Primary School where it is still being used today.

With the increased housing demand, another school was built on the present site and opened in 1969. It was officially opened in 1971 by the then Member for Tamworth, Mr W. Chaffey M.L.A. By 1973, four additional classrooms had been built to cope with further enrolments. In 1974 demountable accommodation was used for the first time, to house more classes.

In May 1980 tenders were called for additional buildings and the conversion of existing buildings. Thorby Bros. won the contract and commenced earthworks in August, 1980. The new buildings were completed and occupied in February, 1982.

Oxley Vale School occupies 4 hectares of land and consists of 16 classrooms, library, auditorium, audio-visual room, practical activities areas, canteen and various administration offices.

Playground facilities include an adventure playground, two cricket pitches and nets, volleyball, netball and basketball courts, soccer and hockey grounds, athletic field, covered sand pit, outdoor chess area and paved courtyard areas.

Ongoing maintenance and improvement projects ensure that the physical learning environment is constantly being enhanced for the benefit of both students and staff.